Port charges

    1. Pilotage
    2. Towage
    3. Mooring
    4. Fire-fighting assistance
      Fire-fighting ship assistance and an pneumatic oil barrier – 134 $/h
      Launching an floating oil barrier – 44 $/h
    5. Tonnage dues
      The tonnage dues for maritime trade vessels for the port entry, port exit, transit through the port area and waste reception for recycling or disposal for one GT are as follows:

      • Fuel tankers up to 38 000 GT – 0,57 €
      • Fuel tankers over 38 000 GT – 0,64 €
    6. Wharfage
      1. On the basis of article 8 section 2 item 2 and sections 4, 4a and 4b of the Port and Marina Act issued on the 20th December 1996 (consolidated text – Journal of Laws no. 110 item 967 of 18-07-2002 as amended) the berth charges for the port berths owned by the NAFTOPORT Oil Terminal used by tankers have been established as follows:
        • Using the Naftoport Oil Terminal berth by the tanker – € 0,08 per 1 GT
      2. The charges set in point 1 are used for the time of loading and the first four hours afterwards.
      3. The charges are made by the Port of Gdańsk Authority.
    7. ISPS Charges
      Due to the introduction of ISPS security measures in NAFTOPORT, ISPS charges have been established for the usage of ISPS system in the amount of € 0,04 per 1 GT payable by each tanker on the entrance to the Basin 1 and Basin 2, and by other vessels on the entrance to Winter Basin, but not higher than € 3000 for a ship.
    8. Stay charges
      1. Tanker’s stay at operating wharf is considered a time not related to usual tanker handling and freight handling, i.e.
        1. Time of works carried out for ship upon request of ship/shipowner/charter party/other entity, including: bunkering, oily water discharge, technical inspections, repairs, supplies, etc.
        2. Additionally, stay after freight handling on which Naftoport has given its consent.
          (p. III.2 is not applicable)
      2. The following charges are collected for tanker’s stay at operating wharf:
        1. Stay charge
          1. for each GT tonne and each started hour, the charge is 0.01 €.
        2. Additional ISPS charge:
          1. for tankers below 100,000 DWT, the charge is 80 € for each started hour.
          2. for tankers above 100,000 DWT, the charge is 100 € for each started hour.
        3. Sampling charge:
          1. for rendering access to the cargo for sampling within the Terminal before handling.
          2. a charge of 50% of the demurrage fee and ISPS charge for each commenced hour.
      3. Charges are not collected:
        1. If within the period between mooring and commencement of freight handling, only in justified cases and on Naftoport’s consent, works not related to usual tanker and cargo handling were carried out, and they did not cause delay in commencement of freight handling.
        2. For 6 hours starting from the end of freight handling until leave.
          (includes usual handling, and works mentioned in p. I.1)

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