Environmental protection

A picturesque location.

North Port is situated in the close neighborhood of the conservation areas selected for the Natura 2000 project. It is located near the most popular and beautiful beaches of Gdańsk, the water intake and the bird sanctuary “Ptasi Raj”. The port basins surrounding the Naftoport Oil Terminal are inhabited by swans, wild ducts and cormorants, while the waters around the breakwater are full of herrings, flounders and other species of fish. Gdańsk fishermen find it the best place to go fishing for pikeperch or eel.

What has been done for the environment?

Our awareness of the landscape, nature and tourism values of the Gdańsk Bay seacoast makes the care for these unique areas one of the Naftoport primary duties.

In 1998 we built a complete air monitoring system station for Gdańsk and fully equipped another station. We also built a modern hydrocarbon Vapor Emission Control System. The protection of the environment is secured by the implementation of the tanker maneuvering control systems within the port area. All rainwater undergoes full separation and filtration. The transshipment installations are assembled on tight trays and equipped with automatic anti-spill systems.
We are currently implementing the technical measures of effective the smallest possible spills collection.
Naftoport basins are secured against the fuel spills expansion to the waters of Gdańsk Bay.
The purity of water in the port area is constantly monitored. All waste is collected and disposed of.

The anti-spill protection, elimination of the emissions to the atmosphere and coastal waters have resulted in creating conditions to keep the natural habitats surrounding Naftoport in the unchanged state.

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