Technical potential

charakterystyka tech

Loading arms:

Jetty “O” is equipped with an 8’’ loading arm adjusted to the fuel oil and diesel loading with the efficiency to 1000m3/h. Additionally, there are plans to install a 10 diameter ‘’ universal loading arm for the loading of light fuels: gasoline, JET fuel and vacuum distillates.

Jetty “P” is equipped with seven loading arms: 3×16” for crude oil loading with the efficiency to 10,000m3/h, 1×12” for fuel oil loading with the efficiency up to 2000m3/h, 2×12” for gasoline and JET fuel with the efficiency to 2000m3/h and 1×12” to receive the hydrocarbon vapors.

Jetty “R” is equipped with five loading arms: 3×16” for crude oil loading with its efficiency to 10,000m3/h, 1×16” for diesel and JET fuel loading with its efficiency to 3600m3/h, 1×12” for fuel oil with the efficiency to 2000m3/h and for the reception of hydrocarbon vapors.

Jetty “T” is equipped with five loading arms: 4×16” for crude oil loading with the efficiency to 10,000m3/h, and 1×12” for gasoline loading with the efficiency to 2500m3/h and the reception of hydrocarbon vapors.

Jetty “T1” is equipped with one loading arm: 1×12” adjusted to oil products loading with the efficiency to 2500m3/h.

All loading arms are equipped with the Emergency Release System which gets activated on exceeding the alarm zone to secure the basin against a spill and the arms themselves against the damage. The location together with the condition of the arms and valves is monitored by the panels in the control rooms and the visualization systems on the computer screens in the dispatch room.

Fire-fighting system:

The jetty’s fire-fighting system is performed from the land and the water. The jetties are equipped with permanent water and foam fire-fighting installations which ensure the normative intensity of extinguishing agent for the biggest tanker and the cargo handling platforms. The installations are supported by fire-fighting cars and vessels. The fire-fighting system is computerized and includes an integrated management system with close-circuit television, several local and remote control systems of the equipment, equipment status monitoring, detection and signaling and information systems. Regular fire-fighting trainings in the port area ensure the readiness of equipment and staff in case of emergency.

Vapor Recovery Units:

The cargo handling jetties ensure the possibility of hydrocarbon vapors reception. The vapor is then desulphurised, recovered by vacuum desorption and dissolved in the crude oil loaded to the vessel.
The amount of the emission of hydrocarbons to the atmosphere is monitored and registered automatically.

Pneumatic dam installations:

The basins of the NAFTOPORT and cargo handling jetties are separated from the waters of Gdańsk Bay by a pneumatic dam which , in case of the spill, makes its further flow impossible. The pneumatic dam consists of a compressed air pipeline with nozzles put on the seabed across the basin entrance. The air pressurized in the pipeline creates turbulences on the water surface to efficiently prevent further flow of oil. In case of a major spill, or a strong wave or ice cover on the Bay, the pneumatic dam is supported by several floating dams.

Safe berthing and mooring system:

Jetties “R” and “T” have been equipped with installations controlling and measuring the navigational data:
– the distance between the ship and the dolphins;
– the speed of the ship side during berthing;
– the measurement of the ship horizontal drift .
The installed systems are based on the laser impulse measurement of the distance between the ship and the dolphins and the locations of the arms set of sensors. The installations are equipped with visualization devices which give the on-screen presentation of the berthing and mooring process, and their movements during the cargo handling operations. The generated data are used by the pilots and vessel captains to ensure safe maneuvering while entering and leaving the berth.

Mooring lines tension monitoring system:

The system constantly monitors the tension of the mooring lines to generate a signal when the admissible tension level is exceeded. it is a security measure against the ropes tear in times of intensive waving or strong wind.

Sampling installations

Jetties R and T are equipped with the automatic load sampling installations. The system can provide up to 30 samples per minute adjusting their number and volume according to the type of the cargo and the controlling companies’ needs.

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