Specialized equipment

We provide not only experienced and qualified staff, but also the appropriate technical facilities.

We have, among others:

  • measuring flasks with the following capacities: 50 dm3, 200 dm3, 500 dm3, 2000 dm3 and 4000 dm3 calibrated by the Office of Measures,
  • stands for modeling work and testing of AccuLoad II / III / IV loading controllers,
  • stands for modeling work and testing of drivers dispensing company accessories,
  • stands for modeling work and testing overflow and ground control systems,
  • specialist control and measurement devices necessary for starting operations of filling lines
  • sets for laser alignment of machine and device couplings – explosion-proof, high efficiency, high-pressure pump units for cleaning tanks,
  • explosion-proof peristaltic pumps for the disposal of petroleum-derived waste,
  • special equipment and personal protection equipment for safe cleaning of tanks of any petroleum products,
  • complete certified explosion-proof equipment for shutting down fuel tanks, cleaning and relaunching,
  • modern equipment for measurements, computer registration and monitoring of the insulation condition for power installations and the effectiveness of shock protection,
  • equipment for impact measurements of grounding of lightning protection systems,
  • equipment for the location of routes, damage and electrical parameters of underground cable lines,
  • multifunctional meters to perform protective measurements of electrical installations in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.
  • sets of vacuum chambers with a pump for testing welded joints in accordance with UDT (Office of Technical Inspection)
  • sets for testing tightness tests of non-pressure and pressure tanks in accordance with UDT
  • sets for testing the efficiency of hydrants,
  • sets for checking pressure gauges / manometers

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