Transhipment volume in 2017

Transhipment volume in 2017 [thousand tonnes]
2649 9992 48312 482

US crude oil transhipment

On November the 9th, tanker „St. Helen” has arrived at Naftoport from Freeport in Texas, carrying 80 thousand tonnes of American crude oil DSW for Grupa LOTOS. This is the second cargo of crude oil arriving to Poland from the United States. The first one took place on October the 30th and was contracted for PKN ORLEN.

WTI crude oil transhipment

Naftoport transhipped 90 thousand tonnes of American WTI crude oil for PKN Orlen, delivered from “Almi Explorer” tanker on October the 30th 2017. That was the first transhipment of American crude oil, after export reopening by the USA.
WTI crude oil (West Texas Intermediate) also known as Texas light sweet has relatively low density and sweet because of its low sulfur content. WTI is extracted mostly in southwest of the United States.
In the forthcoming period, another American crude oil tanker is scheduled to arrive at Naftoport, this time for Grupa LOTOS.

CEO appointment

Mr. Andrzej Brzózka has been appointed by the Supervisory Board of NAFTOPORT as the CEO on October 23,2017, after qualification procedure.

Andrzej Brzózka has served as Naftoport proxy for many years, with the responsibility for legal and corporative activities. He graduated from Gdynia Maritime University with chief mate diploma, completed Postgraduate Studies at National School of Public Administration, National Defence University and Gdańsk University of Technology. He has the right to sit on the supervisory board companies with State Treasury participation since 2007.

The Business Gazelle award

On February 15, 2017 The President of the Management Board - Mr. Dariusz Kobierecki collected The Business Gazelle award, granted to the most effective small and medium-sized enterprises for their dynamic development. Naftoport has been honoured with this award for the third time. The Business Gazelle ranking is developed annually by economy dailies owned by the Sweden based Bonnier Press Group.

Transhipment volume in 2016

In 2016 The Naftoport Oil Terminal provided services for 313 tankers, including 84 vassels of capacity over 80 000 tons. Altogether, Naftoport handled 12,23 ml tons of liquid fuels, including crude oil (76%) and rafined oil products (25%). This is one of the best transhipment volume results that has been achieved in the history of Naftoport and Oil Terminal of the North Port.


Naftoport achieves record-breaking transhipment volume in 2015

In 2015 The Naftoport Oil Terminal provided services for 366 tankers, including 106 vessels of capacity over 80 000 tons. Altogether, Naftoport handled 14,281 mln tons of liquid fuels, including crude oil (75%) and refined oil products (25%). The record-breaking transhipment volume has been achieved not only in the history of Naftoport but also in the history of the entire Oil Terminal of the North Port.


Jetty „T1” construction has been completed and operates since June 2015

Jetty „T1” operates successfully since June 26th of 2015, providing service for first tanker - 11.000 tons of crude petrol in the export relation. It has an annual transhipment capacity of 2 million tons.

The oil jetty “T1” accommodates vessel up to 50,000 DWT. The oil jetty construction comprises a trestle, a loading platform, breasting and mooring dolphins with connecting catwalks. Extensive dredging works were required to enable 50000 DWT tankers to access the berthing area of the oil jetty. The structure of the new jetty is connected to the to the existing structure of the breakwater and located at the opposite side of the jetty “T”.


Transhipment in 2014

The Naftoport Oil Terminal in 2014 provided services for 317 tankers, including more than 80 vessels of capacity over 80 000 tons. Altogether, Naftoport handled 12,1 mln tons of liquid fuel, including crude oil (73%) and refined oil products (27%).


Jetty „P” modernization

The jetty ‘P’ modernisation, including  the loading arms replacement, was successfully accomplished. Collectively, within two last years, seven modern loading arms, type MLA260 12’’ and 16’’, were introduced and installed. The manufacturer and supplier of arms is Kanon Loading Equipment B.V. from the Nederlands.


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